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Out of Darkness Again

Ex Obscurus II
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As of April 10, 2006, exobscurus is now closed.

Ex Obscurus II
A Post-War Harry Potter RPG
Begins January 20, 2006

After a long and bloody conflict, the final battle in which Harry Potter finally killed Lord Voldemort took place on 24 May 2002. Following this, remaining supporters of the Dark Lord's regime went underground to bide their time as the survivors of the Wizarding world tried to rebuild and move on. (A timeline of the events that took place between The Order Of The Phoenix and the Ex Obscurus I RPG can be found here.)

Ex Obscurus I took up the story in November of 2002 when peace was threatened once again; the Lestrange brothers had turned to necromancy to raise Bellatrix in an ill-planned attempt to revive Voldemort's ideals and cleanse the Wizarding world. After a year-long struggle, the Ministry was close to putting a stop to her erratic violence, and she dropped out of sight in December of 2003.

Now a new Minister is in charge and the secret diplomatic relations between the Ministry and the Muggle government have degraded dangerously. Violence once again rocks the Wizarding world, purportedly at the hands of the Muggles themselves. The new administration is cleaning up its own ranks and preparing the public for what might be another ugly confrontation, but the Minister's strings are being pulled by forces just as dark as Voldemort and the lies they're selling the public are far from true. (A timeline of major events between the end of Ex Obscurus I and the beginning of Ex Obscurus II can be found here)

Once again, it's up to the Order of the Phoenix --this time in the hands of Harry, Hermione and Ron-- to expose the Ministry's lies and the dark forces they protect and put a stop to what could become an all-out war brewing between the Muggle and the Wizarding worlds. And the odds for their success are not good.

So much for living in peacetime.

Your mods are corvidae9, gail_b and nightfalltwen, and can be reached at exobscurus@yahoo.com.

graphics and layout by schizophrenic <3